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South Dakota, state in the north central United States. South Dakota is generally regarded as partly but not wholly in the Midwest. The east, with its flat or rolling lands and fertile soils, resembles portions of other states in the Midwest. However, the western section lies on the Great Plains.

Almost one third of the region west of the Missouri River, a semiarid, treeless plain, belongs to Native Americans, most of whom live on reservations such as Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Standing Rock. Much of the remaining area is occupied by large ranches; there cattle and sheep ranching provide the major source of income, with soybean and wheat farming second in the production of revenue. can help visitors get more information on South Dakota news, South Dakota society, South Dakota business, South Dakota business services, South Dakota business opportunities, South Dakota education, South Dakota arts, South Dakota health services, South Dakota sports, South Dakota tourism, South Dakota real estate, South Dakota politics, South Dakota government, South Dakota shopping services, South Dakota society, South Dakota travel guide, South Dakota accommodation, South Dakota law, South Dakota investment and more.

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